September goals, hopes, and dreams.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Privacy and Disclosure page to learn more about how affiliate links work. All opinions are my own. Here we are, four days into September. I’m feeling fired up! So many amazing things happening already and it’s only going to get better!! While I’m still doing aContinue reading “September goals, hopes, and dreams.”

3 things to change TODAY to adopt a growth mindset

In a nutshell, mindset is a very simple idea that makes a world of difference in how you face day to day challenges. You do know that we all have them, right? Growing up, I want to say 90% of my coaches talked about how they would rather have someone with heart than someone withContinue reading “3 things to change TODAY to adopt a growth mindset”

The Pitch

Hi! You can go ahead and start calling me Mel because we’re about to get pretty intimate around here! I think this is where I’m supposed to sell you. In a few short sentences I am supposed to convince you that I’m worth subscribing to. That’s a lot of freaking pressure, okay? I’m not aContinue reading “The Pitch”