A blog a day! Day 6: 3 personality traits I'm proud of.

Proud is something I’m relatively new to feeling. I’ve never really been a confident person despite my bravado. I’ve always kept my insecurities to myself (verbally) and I’m now realizing how that kept me from realizing the good qualities I possess.

A little girl with no place in the world

I have been putting this off for some time. I feel I’ve told my story so many times people might be sick of hearing it. Then I remembered why I started sharing. It wasn’t for the people who may be tired of reading my story (the same people who are able to exit at theirContinue reading “A little girl with no place in the world”

On the Topic of Love.

Tomorrow is a big day that will fill your social media feeds with flowers, the popping of champagne (and questions), and public displays of affection. Don’t worry, I’m not bashing Valentine’s day. In fact… I’m here for all of it! I’m a freakin’ newlywed for crying out loud. I’m coming to you today with aContinue reading “On the Topic of Love.”