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Why I don’t care that I fell behind on my challenge.

For someone who barely got out more than 2 posts a month last year, 31 posts seemed like an impossible task. As we are, I'm writing my 12th post on day 30 so I guess you can say it's no walk in the park. Still, I have written more posts this month than I wrote in 4 months last year.

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What’s really going on? Emotional intelligence and children.

How many times do YOU stop to think about, "Why does this upset me? Why did I act like that? Why did I take it that way?" I'm don't know about you, but it took me almost 30 years before I started asking myself that question.

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Chores for my big kids

I've picked up on something. My kids LOVE to feel responsible, but they don't always love to put in the work because this is a prime example of delayed gratification.


20 facts about me.

Yesterday was more of an official introduction to my site. I've been blogging for almost two years and I feel like I've finally gotten a handle on what I think my purpose is here and what I can promise to deliver to you all. Day two is all about me though. Short and sweet -… Continue reading 20 facts about me.

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What gift giving and receiving means to me: Tis the season for entitlement. Use it to your advantage

I don't know who else the applies to, but this one is from my heart. A while back I took a really close look at my life. It's amazing how far you can get only to realize that growing as a person never really stops. I came to the realization that my children EXPECTED a… Continue reading What gift giving and receiving means to me: Tis the season for entitlement. Use it to your advantage

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Gift guide: Her first period

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my privacy and disclosure page to learn more about affiliate links and how they work. All opinions are my own. Let me tell ya, the pre-teen years have hit house Duso. I've finally gotten down how to mother school aged children and now... I'm in the new… Continue reading Gift guide: Her first period