A blog a day! Day 1: Introduction

So let me explain. I’m just a person, here. I like to write; I enjoy talking to people; I LOVE watching people find themselves, and I think we are just too damn beautiful to hide any part of ourselves. More often than not, I share the fun parts of me, the ambitious parts of me, the optimistic and kind parts of me. I don’t stop there though. I share my mental struggles, the hard days, and my failures. You know, the parts of being human that we can all relate to but is never comfortable talking about. Well, I got you.

How I set my New Year goals!

I always say that there is NOTHING magical about January 1st. This is something I truly believe. There is never a perfect day to set goals. Regardless, the new year always inspires new goals… and if you know anything about me it’s that I love me a good goal. Setting long term goals is aContinue reading “How I set my New Year goals!”