8 Essential items to pack for a Disney day!

Hey guys! Over the past years people have recognized my obsession with all things Disney by asking about tips and tricks for a Disneyland vacation. I have gone to the Disney parks multiple times throughout the year for almost a decade and this last trip, was the smoothest by far. (It was also the only … Continue reading 8 Essential items to pack for a Disney day!

On the Topic of Love.

Tomorrow is a big day that will fill your social media feeds with flowers, the popping of champagne (and questions), and public displays of affection. Don't worry, I'm not bashing Valentine's day. In fact... I'm here for all of it! I'm a freakin' newlywed for crying out loud. I'm coming to you today with a … Continue reading On the Topic of Love.

Family night at Hahn Duso

In our home we have extroverts and introverts on all sides of the spectrum, so family nights haven't always been the most successful. I think we can agree on this much: we, as parents, set the tone for family night. As someone who experiences anxiety when my actions/inaction are the center of attention, I haven't … Continue reading Family night at Hahn Duso