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What’s really going on? Emotional intelligence and children.

How many times do YOU stop to think about, "Why does this upset me? Why did I act like that? Why did I take it that way?" I'm don't know about you, but it took me almost 30 years before I started asking myself that question.

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So let me explain. I'm just a person, here. I like to write; I enjoy talking to people; I LOVE watching people find themselves, and I think we are just too damn beautiful to hide any part of ourselves. More often than not, I share the fun parts of me, the ambitious parts of me, the optimistic and kind parts of me. I don't stop there though. I share my mental struggles, the hard days, and my failures. You know, the parts of being human that we can all relate to but is never comfortable talking about. Well, I got you.


Reflecting on the last 10 years.

At the risk of sounding like everyone else... the end of a decade seems big. Maybe it's because I'm a 1990 baby, so each new decade is a sign of MY next decade. I turn 30 years old in 2020! I don't find myself sad about it, but it does make me reflect and refocus.… Continue reading Reflecting on the last 10 years.

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Disclaimer: This article contains sensitive subject matter about my own personal experience with suicidal ideation and may not be suitable for people who struggle with mental illness.  This article is intended as informational only; and is no way medical or psychological advice. If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available at 1-800-273-8255… Continue reading PROVIDENCE ST. JOSEPH HEALTH; MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST SUICIDE

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Gift guide: Her first period

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my privacy and disclosure page to learn more about affiliate links and how they work. All opinions are my own. Let me tell ya, the pre-teen years have hit house Duso. I've finally gotten down how to mother school aged children and now... I'm in the new… Continue reading Gift guide: Her first period

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A little girl with no place in the world

I have been putting this off for some time. I feel I've told my story so many times people might be sick of hearing it. Then I remembered why I started sharing. It wasn't for the people who may be tired of reading my story (the same people who are able to exit at their… Continue reading A little girl with no place in the world

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What Depression and Anxiety Looks Like From the Inside Out. Written in the Middle of a Panic Attack.

**TRIGGER WARNING** Below, I’m sharing graphic imagery of what it feels like when I struggle with depression. If you struggle with depression, this may be too much for you to read alone. If you do read on, I encourage you to talk to a mental health professional about how it makes you feel - good… Continue reading What Depression and Anxiety Looks Like From the Inside Out. Written in the Middle of a Panic Attack.

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Why I don’t care that I fell behind on my challenge.

For someone who barely got out more than 2 posts a month last year, 31 posts seemed like an impossible task. As we are, I'm writing my 12th post on day 30 so I guess you can say it's no walk in the park. Still, I have written more posts this month than I wrote in 4 months last year.

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9 ways to be a better friend today.

I am extremely blessed to have a fierce group of empowering friends. Most of them taught ME everything I know about friendship, so be sure to thank them for this post! Like most of you, I have also had my fair share of friendship troubles and have learned a lot along the way... and I know I still have a lot to learn.

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12 ideas for girls night on a budget.

So, maybe boats and bottomless champagne is out of the question this year. Honestly, after writing this out, I'm 100% okay with that!