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The Best Way to Cultivate Family with Quality Time

Why are family nights so important?

Well, for starters, WE have family mornings. Family nights just don’t line up for us. As we grew in 2019 we were faced with a troubling reality. Our kids were unmotivated, entitled, and the worst… unhappy. We knew we needed more of a family bond and we knew that it had to come from us.

The main idea is that family nights facilitate the bonding experiences most families need to thrive! When you have babies and toddlers, they require a lot of energy and attention in order to feel valued, loved, and safe. As they grow, some of that responsibility falls more on the kids and less on the parents.

Our kids are 7 and 10 (nearly 8 and 11) year olds who have never had a consistent routine, so a lot of what WE are doing is damage control. Remember, every family will create their family nights, their routines, and the structure in their household based off of their own needs and situation.

As you continue to read, I’ll be sharing some ideas for inexpensive ways to enjoy a family night as well as some topics of discussion (feel free to add and share some of your own ideas).

  • Game night
    • This is always a safe bet in our home. We’re a pretty competitive bunch with a very crude sense of humor, so we are in our element when we’re playing games. Lately, we’ve changed up the games we play to support the changes we’ve been making in mind set.
    • Games can be traditional, classic games OR they actually have games FOCUSED on mental health and getting to know each other.
    • Of course there have to be some silly ones like Dance charades!
    • We normally don’t bring up heavy topics during game time as we also want to teach them that there is a time to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Scavenger hunt
    • I saw this on A Marriage Story and fell in love! – I found some cool scavenger hunt ideas that I want to try with my own kids.
      • Riddles! – This is a really fun way to practice critically thinking for everyone in the family. I would really encourage you to try to come up with riddles on your own someday, but here are some I found on (This is actually a site I pull a lot of inspiration from for activities!)
      • You can also keep it very simple
  • Put together a picnic and taking advantage of a beautiful day!
    • I found this super cute picnic basket and blanket combo! My yard sale basket was due for an upgrade.
  • Family forts or couch bed
    • When Jeremy and I were shopping for furniture he was
      convinced that it made more sense to buy to couches
      instead of a couch and a love seat. At the time, he seemed
      crazy, but they are PERFECT for creating the comfiest
      couch bed!
    • Turn it into an indoor camping event! Bake s’mores, tell stories, read books, and play card games!
  • Listen to an audio book together
    • Promotes literacy. We read the Harry Potter series together at night, but sometimes I just want to cuddle my kids as they fall asleep. Connect your google assistant or Alexa, cuddle up, and enjoy the story with them.
  • Volunteer
    • You can start with family!
      • Visit the elderly
    • Bake cookies for you neighbors
    • Make someone’s favorite meal!
  • Lego day!
    • We recently did this. We wanted to cultivate creativity with them, so we made sure to take away all of the model instructions so that they create something directly influenced by their imagination!
  • Family walks after breakfast
    • Our breakfasts are super simple. Usually eggs, bacon and/or sausage, and either french toast, pancakes, or toast.
    • Since we gather in the mornings, I do want to get more creative with breakfasts. – I’ll update this with examples as I do –
  • Have a themed dinner!
    • This, to me, just seems so fun! I see themed dinners as the chance to step out of your comfort zone and just be silly.
    • We have yet to do this, but I have oh so many ideas! Starting with a Disney and Dinner match up theme!
  • Make trophy for family game night
    • Cultivate teamwork, creativity, & ambition.
    • Subtly talk about success. Ask what success looks like in their eyes. Ask them what they think they have to do to be successful. I see this as a perfect way get an idea of what THEY want in life. Of course, they’re kids so their ideas might be outrageous, but I want to always focus on understanding them and meeting them where THEY’RE at instead of where I expect them to be. I always want to talk with the intent to understand them.
  • Bingo night – loteria
    • I’m fluent in Spanish, but my kids really don’t know any Spanish themselves… and Jeremy? Well, let’s just say I think this is the perfect family activity to cultivate a little of our Mexican culture. I would like to explore more on this topic as well as some way to cultivate a little of Jeremy’s Armenian culture as well!
  • Make a pinata
    • Speaking of embracing my mexican culture more… I LOVED making simple pinatas when I was younger! I can’t wait to do this one with the family!
  • Conversation Jenga
    • A fun way to get to know each other better!

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