A blog a day

Why I don’t care that I fell behind on my challenge.

In case you didn’t notice… I didn’t write or post a blog a day this month.

Here is why I’m not extremely sad about it…

I’m learning. I’m learning so much about myself as a blogger, as a business owner, as a mother, a writer, a wife, a friend, and as a person. I’m learning what my quality work really looks like and that is, ultimately, what I wanted to gain in this exercise.

For the sake of transparency, I do have to admit that I could have been more disciplined in sitting down to write and I have a lot of work to do in the area of productivity. I am a notorious multi-tasker (I love watching my superhero movies while I work) and it really hinders how much work I get done… but you know what? I don’t know if I would have learned that before this blog a day challenge.

Writing a blog a day for 31 days

For someone who barely got out more than 2 posts a month last year, 31 posts seemed like an impossible task. As we are, I’m writing my 12th post on day 30 so I guess you can say it’s no walk in the park.

Still, I have written more posts this month than I wrote in 4 months last year.

That’s what this exercise is about. Growing as a writer and treating my blog as a business.

I learned how to create corresponding graphics. I learned how to organically tie my life and the things I share daily with the content I’m creating instead of sharing one thing in my stories and then post something random to my feed or on my blog. I learned that if something isn’t quality work… wait. Most importantly, I learned that I am more than capable of publishing 2 blog posts a month… So expect more from me this year.

I hope you’re getting use out of these

Something I’ve noticed is that my friends on Instagram are really enjoying the topics we’ve been talking about on here.

For the longest time, I posted whatever I wanted and honestly… I was kind of all over the place.

Lately, I’ve been talking about parenthood and friendship. These are two topics that I’ve heard your concerns with. As I wrap up this month’s challenge I want to know… what brings your here? Is it Motherhood? Empowerment? Mental health awareness? All of the above?

Moving forward I want to be YOU focused, so let me know what you want to read more of!

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