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12 ideas for girls night on a budget.

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Well, this is extremely relevant to my life right now. I love my girls nights! We usually go out though and it’s hard for me to say no to those nights because they are so priceless.

We’re saving for some big purchases, so we’re essentially stripping our lives of unnecessary luxuries. Some of my friends just had babies, some have just bought a home, so we’re all in a “savings” stage of life.

Logically, going out for girls night does fall under the unnecessary category. Not because girls night itself is unnecessary, but there are many girls night IN options that are low cost or no cost. Keep in mind that each of these ideas can be done as many times as you want. It can be a theme you work with all year, you can try game night one month and then host a high tea next month.

12 ideas for girls night that are low cost or no cost

  • Recipe swap
    Bring a dish you’re good at making and bring your recipe for it to share! Then sit around, try each other’s food, and catch up.

    In case you’re extra like me: Create a recipe book together! Each get together, have everyone bring one extra recipe and start a binder of recipes!
    Here is a title cover to get you started!
  • Goals party
    Further reinforcing my belief that there is nothing magical about January 1st, host these as often as you’d like. Monthly, weekly (if your schedule allows this), quarterly, yearly… you get the picture. There is never NOT a time to work on how to cultivate your goals.

    Sometimes, just having a quiet and relaxed place to organize your life is all you need to recharge for more boss bitchery.
  • Game night
    You can play traditional games or find something new on amazon. I’m super cheesy, I’d like to put a spin on games in a way that helps us really get to know our friends. Jenga is a good game for this – you can write anything you want on those little rectangles (and my friends and I are known for a good Jenga game!)
  • High tea
    There are so many different ways to make this fun: long island, 420 friendly if your state allows it, fancy shamncy, mad hatter… you get the idea.

    This is another one that can be done a few times a year if you want to try different tea themes!
  • Love my gals a brunch
  • More of a daytime event. Waffle bars, mimosas, and some sort of activity (nothing too big). Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest that were pretty cool!
  • Have a good, old fashioned, slumber party!
  • You can do this with just your friends OR you can have a giant sleepover with the kids. Bring sleeping backs over, watch movies, listen to music, make friendship bracelets, and have scavenger hunts!
  • Craft night!
    Have the host find a Pinterest craft. Divy up supply costs (or find out who has supplies already) and have everything ready for when your gal arrive.
    • Scrapbooking
    • Color by number
    • Wreath making
    • Sewing projects
  • Book club
  • Find a book you can all agree to start and make sure you set a reasonable deadline for your meet up. If you have girls who don’t really like reading, make sure there’s an audio book version of the book you choose!
  • Taste around the world
  • Pick a country and have everyone make a dish from there.

    *again, can be done as a theme for your girl’s nights all year.
  • Sip and paint
  • You can use YouTube for this so that it isn’t crazy expensive.
  • Party plan or make gift baskets
  • We all seem to want to be better at these things when we set goals. Why not meet up to brainstorm together! These are things we all want to want to do (you read that right), but they can be so dang stressful. This is a way to keep it fun to get shit done!
  • Meal prep
  • Another productive way to work. Make a grocery list, tell them what to bring (knives, cutting boards, bowls) and make freezer bag meals. Prepping meals together is not the most realistic unless you have a really big kitchen and a killer system.

So, maybe boats and bottomless champagne is out of the question this year. Honestly, after writing this out, I’m 100% okay with that!

Now, I’m sending this to my girls and telling them to pick our first one. I challenge you to share this with your girls too!

see ya real soon
– mel

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