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Chores for my big kids

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that we’ve been working at structure in our home since November and this month we’ve really buckled down. One of the best things about having school aged kids is that you get to teach them about responsibility and how to be helpful… and everyone reaps those benefits.

I’ve picked up on something. My kids LOVE to feel responsible, but they don’t always love to put in the work because this is a prime example of delayed gratification.

A few posts back I shared about how we are using our weekend mornings to cultivate family values and create healthy routines. To my pleasant surprise, the kids aren’t difficult about it. Creating a command center has really helped us out! I can share more about that later this month, but today we’re talking about how I presented their chores to them this year.

It’s important to us that the kids are always informed about our decisions. This has been something we’ve really struggled with in the past. We finally realized the problem. It’s our job to inform our kids about the decisions we make whether they like it or not. Spoiler alert: most of the time they don’t like it. Especially right now that we’re implementing a lot of changes and structure that we haven’t always had. This is exactly why it’s important to Jeremy and I that we explain the changes we’re making.

I created their Spring 2020 chore list differently than I ever have before.

I started with a short message to remind them why we do chores and why we sometimes add to the load (literally, they’re doing their laundry now. Can I get an amen?! Okay.) as they get older.

I left out their daily routine tasks like brushing teeth, doing homework, washing dinner plate, and showering. Those are habits to build not chores to contribute to your household upkeep. I also feel like it’s very overwhelming to both the kids and myself to think of every action and habit as a task. This method may work for some families, but it just doesn’t for ours.

Prioritizing chores every day. Even on the weekends. Weekend chores are usually project based or new chores that we’re teaching.

I hope you guys find these chore charts useful!

See ya real soon,

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