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3 personality traits I’m proud of.

Proud is something I’m relatively new to feeling. I’ve never really been a confident person despite my bravado. I’ve always kept my insecurities to myself (verbally) and I’m now realizing how that kept me from realizing the good qualities I possess. I’ve lived most of my life thinking about all of the reasons I’m hard to handle that I’ve never been able to really appreciate the parts of me that people love! Today’s post (which was supposed to be yesterdays… whoops) is about the three qualities I love about myself.

  1. Vivacious – lively in temper, conduct, or spirit.

    When I am happy, I feel I move the room. When I’m in a pissy mood, that energy travels too. An old coworker of mine called me “magnetic” once and that word has stuck with me ever since. It was the first time I understood the notion that we are contagious to the people we are around. We can either spread good vibes or bad vibes.

    I don’t ever want to forget that.
  2. Passionate – capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling.

    A blessing and a curse I suppose. My passion for many things has gotten me into more uncomfortable situations than most would prefer. Not me though. I’ve learned to love this about myself. I love that I won’t compromise my values even when doing so would be the easiest thing to do… the thing that would make me less “difficult”.

    I love that when I want something I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen and because of that, if I fail I know it’s okay. I’m a passionate mother, friend, and wife. I passionately advocate for mental health and mental illness. I passionately believe in accepting people for who they are and supporting them to be the best version of themselves.

    If there was a favorite trait of mine it would definitely be how passionate I am.
  3. Optimistic – an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.

    Adversity and my depression have taught me that you can definitely feel deflated to a point of hopelessness and still be able to overcome the obstacles. I’ve learned the hard way that I can make it through some pretty awful situations and some really gnarly negative self talk.

    I know I’m a dreamer and sometimes that looks really freaking reckless to a lot of people… but I’m not sorry. I never want to lose the ability to dream… maybe perfecting the skill of action planning wouldn’t be the worst thing though.

This post was so empowering to write. Really stopping to think about my good qualities and why I embrace them was just the reminder I think we all need to keep going sometimes. So let’s hear it! What are three traits you love about yourself?

I can’t wait to read!

See ya real soon!

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