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The Sandcastle Inn | Pismo Beach, Ca

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with mild adventure, Pismo Beach, Ca is the beach town to visit. During our annual holiday getaway we stayed at The Sandcastle Inn, which is a hotel I’ve wanted to check into since I was a 17 year old girl, and I am so excited to share my experience with you!

Friday: travel & Check in day!

In high school my family and I started going to Pismo beach every summer. It’s safe to say that my aunt and uncle fell in love with the place because they have planned this vacation every single year for 14 years!

We stay at a time share that is ocean side, fully furnished, and it’s been our home away from home for as long as I can remember, but every year we take a walk along the beach and I always stop to stare at the beautiful property that I finally got the chance to experience last month.

The adventure and relaxation started the minute we checked in. The fresh air, the sound of the waves crashing, and the endless possibility that the ocean symbolizes brings me instant tranquility. My initial plans were to show my husband and best friends my favorite restaurant in Pismo… Splash Cafe.

If you’ve ever been to Pismo and have somehow gone without the best clam chowder bread bowl I’ve ever tasted… well, you’re severely missing out!

After seeing the deck on the upper level that was conveniently located on our floor, I knew we had to order our food to go.

After a couple hours of hanging out by the fire, listening to the ocean, we turned in to get rest for the next day’s adventures.

Saturday: Adventure meets ultimate relaxation

The idea for this last minute double date weekend was to treat our best friends to a trip that they were responsible for planning. My best friend, Tricia, and I both have generalized anxiety. When it comes to traveling, we’ve both been pretty enabling because she’s always driven and taken control (her anxiety trigger) and I’ve always been easy and go with the flow as long as I don’t have to do any driving (my anxiety trigger). One fear I’m really proud of overcoming is my fear of driving long distances, so Jeremy and I decided that we would treat them to a vacation that wouldn’t require them to drive, make travel plans, or decide how to fill our time.

I have never been more proud of a gift. I put together a list of restaurants and a general itinerary of each days events for them to look over and we did some mild exploring on Saturday.

Even though Pismo itself is kind of small, there are so many things that are only a 10 minute drive away! We started our day at the Budget Cafe (figured it was a perfect name for 2 married couples in their 30s) and we loved it! The prices were indeed impressive, but not as impressive as the food.

When we were done, we drove back over to Pismo/Grover beach to explore the Monarch Butterfly Grove (2 minutes away from Sandcastle inn). Tricia conquered her fear of flying insects for us and found that she enjoyed our short walk into nature!

It was important to me to really utilize the amazing amenities of the hotel, so we rented out beach cruisers and rode them around Pismo beach until it was time for our dinner reservations. One of the things I love the most about the Sandcastle Inn is the fact that they make it possible to enjoy so many parts of a beach trip without having to even leave the hotel.

The other amenities they offered that we didn’t get to take advantage of were

  • Beach rentals
    • Chairs
    • Umbrellas
    • Blankets
    • Bean bags
  • The Deck beachfront bar & tapas
    • outside seating with a view
    • fire pits
  • Smores kits available for sale (I can’t wait to do this with the kids!)

Marcus and Tricia celebrated 11 years of marriage that Saturday so they chose where we had dinner. We ate at the Sea Venture restaurant right next door to our restaurant. You know what that means… no one had to be the designated driver! The food was divine, the service was superb, and the ambiance was everything! I failed to get pictures of the food because, well, yum… but I managed to score a shot of the apple crostada also known to us forever as the apple crustacean thanks for Marcus.

After dinner we went back to our rooms for some wine, games, and more sounds of the ocean.

Before turning in for the night, Jeremy and I walked to the pier to see the amazing Christmas light tree. We must have spent an hour watching the waves crash along the pier. It was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.

Time to say goodbye: checkout day. but first… brunch

The day we were scheduled to head home we woke up to the most beautiful view. A double rainbow right outside our window.

Kindness tip while traveling: We knew it was going to rain Saturday night/Sunday because the hotel staff was busy preparing most of the day. Before dinner Saturday night, we took the cushions off of our chairs and brought them in

Since we didn’t experience The Deck either Friday or Saturday, I made it a point to have my weekly planning session there and experience the restaurants brunch menu. Let me just say… everyone needs to experience a nuttela croissant at least once in their lives.

We all stepped out of our comfort zones this trip and I have no doubt that it was in great part due to the company we were in. The four of us have spent 6 years getting to know and trust each other enough to not be afraid of failure. To say, “I’m just not ready yet.” without being afraid of judgement. It’s allowed us to lean on each other and find the courage to say, “I’m still afraid, but I think I’m ready to try.”

I cannot thank Pacifica Hotels, The Sandcastle Inn, and the amazing staff for an absolutely beautiful weekend.

This post is sponsored by Pacifica Hotels. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

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