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Our own Christmas tradition

Family traditions were always a dream to me. I never really spent a lot of time in one house growing up, so traditions were kind of out of the question. I didn’t get around to sharing this in December, but it’s definitely still worth sharing!

When I became a mother I was determined to create traditions that my children would remember and hopefully carry on with their families. One tradition that has evolved is their Christmas care package.

Christmas Care Packages: Delivered December 1st

We kicked off December opening a gift. If you go back a few blog posts you’ll see that I am all about intentional gifts! Part of this mindset allows for the flexibility of when I give gifts. We used let them open these on Christmas Eve, but this year I’m trying something new. It’s my idea that sharing a Christmas care package on December 1st will give the gift of Family Tradition and Christmas cheer all month long!!


What’s in the care package:

Gift box or baskets
Cool slippers
matching hot cocoa cups
Christmas accessory
Hot cocoa

Every weekend we have family breakfast. No matter what’s going on, we try to sit at the table together in the morning and catch up. It’s the one time we’re all home together at the same time.


It was the perfect time to give them their first intentional gift of Christmas. I gave them the gift of family traditions. We will use the items in their gift boxes throughout the holiday season so that when they’re older they remember Christmas as a time for slippers, movies, and hot cocoa!


This year I was lucky to work with some amazing companies to help with the matching hot Starbucks cups and slippers! Just peachy shop did an amazing job with our personalized hot cocoa cups! The colors are so well blended! Buy Happy Feet sent us each a pair of the comfiest and most unique slippers with our favorite characters on them!

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