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Meaning of my business name.


Jeremy has worked the graveyard shift for years. Going on 3 years I think? I used to think we were so great and well adapted because we’ve always been pretty independent people. It wasn’t until last year that we realized we were doing more harm than good by accepting our shitty schedule.

2019 was, in no small way, a year of self discovery. At least, the beginning of a self discovery journey. One morning my husband looked at me and with the saddest eyes said, “I hate how much I miss because of my schedule.” That was a look I never wanted to see again. We decided we wanted to implement a more intentional approach to life in our home.

So we went to work (and we’re still working, honestly). We looked at where we could make changes that would last and how we would make them happen. For us, the first answer was weekend mornings. They were the only days that all of us could be together at once, so we decided that Saturday and Sunday mornings we would wake up, make breakfast, eat as a family, do any necessary chores, engage in some sort of family activity, and then grant electronic privileges. Man, I wish you could all see the first Saturday. Total shit show it was… but it got better. A month later, here we are, and family mornings are really starting to feel easy.

Life is busy. Maybe now more than ever before for many families and the sad part is sometimes there is no getting around how busy you have to be… but you can find ways to make your situation work. It’s all a matter of mindset and discipline.

So that’s the idea behind our newest business venture and our business name. We want to help families build the routine that’s taken us so long to learn ourselves. We’re definitely still working out all of the kinks and of course you’re all invited to follow along for our learning process on Instagram. Until we launch in summer of 2020…

Cheers… to making it work.

Mel Duso

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