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Hello hello!

To celebrate the New Year, I am publishing a blog post a day as a way for my audience to know more about the woman behind the blog. (keyboard?)

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Real and raw.

That description is everywhere right now and I’m so here for it! I think we all mean it differently though – the beauty of everyone being their truest self is that we get to see how different that looks for so many people.

So let me explain. I’m just a person, here. I like to write; I enjoy talking to people; I LOVE watching people find themselves, and I think we are just too damn beautiful to hide any part of ourselves. More often than not, I share the fun parts of me, the ambitious parts of me, the optimistic and kind parts of me. I don’t stop there though. I share my mental struggles, the hard days, and my failures. You know, the parts of being human that we can all relate to but is never comfortable talking about. Well, I got you.

I believe adversity is the best thing to happen to a person. I believe that we have the power to make the best out of the shittiest situations in life to create the life we want and I want to spend the rest of my life sharing that kind of energy.

What you’ll see here?

A blended family

To say we have a blended family is quite the understatement. Let’s just start there.


I’m Melinda (29). I am married to Jeremy (31) and we have two kids named Lex (10) and Eli (7).

Now, pay attention: Eli is my biological son and Lex is (technically) my stepdaughter. Eli and Lex are both Jeremy’s stepchildren.

Confused yet?

I started raising Lex when she was 17 months old. An old friend of mine (my ex) was going through one of the worst things a parent could ever go through and was granted full custody of his little girl after her mom had abducted her and taken her to Wisconsin. I was there to help him and we just slowly became a family. I saw a part of myself in that little girl that I wanted to protect, so being her mom happened so naturally. A 17 month old girl taught me how to care for someone other than myself full time and I became a mother at age 20.

Two years later, my son was born. Truthfully, my ex and I have always been great friends. I love the person he is and the heart he has, but we see the world with two different set of eyes and ultimately… our splitting up was inevitable. Every day I am grateful for the gifts he’s given me and the respect he’s shown me as Lexi’s mom.

When Jeremy and I decided to… be exclusive… he was taking on a life completely different from the one he had always known. Nothing about my life was mellow at the time. My situation with my ex, my children, my family, myself… I was very much so “lost”. He jumped into parenthood with me and, although it did take some growth and adjustment, he’s never treated my children like anything other than his own.

Here we are, 6 years later, and I could not be more proud of my entire team as a whole. We are all here to support each other the best way we know how and one thing I can say with confidence is that it’s obvious we all want to grow!

Intentional living + Mindfulness


Something we are actively working on in our personal lives. As a blended family, we have had our fair share of ups and downs both in each familial relationship and individually.  We are constantly looking at ways to better understand the way our brains work and ways we can live with more intention. Topics like healthy communication, perspective, empathy, self love, and kindness are just a few of the areas focused on in this category.  Naturally, I will share our findings and experiences as we learn and grow how to free our minds of limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Another topic that falls under this category is family travel. This year we will be doing less long & pricey trips and finding low budget/no budget ways to spend more time with the kids and each other outside of the home! Jeremy’s schedule isn’t always family friendly and our financial goal is to SAVE the money we would be spending on those big vacations. It’s our mission to show our children how to make the best out of a situation that is less than ideal.

More of Jeremy

You may have noticed I have used a lot more “we”, “our”, and “us” language in my most recent posts than I have before.


Jeremy has always been supportive of my ambitions, my dreams, and my work. No matter what, he believes in me regardless of the fact that he didn’t always understand it. We’re talking letting me turn his walk in closet into my personal office when we moved in together in 2014. I’m so excited to finally announce that Jeremy is now joining me in my blogging/vlogging ventures.

toMakingitwork Coming in 2020

When we sat down to really think about what we have to offer our audience, we kept circling back to finding ways to be happy and live intentionally when situations are less than ideal (it’s been something we involuntarily have had to learn over the last few years… who ever volunteers for that kind of stuff?!). We want to share with you the ways that we MAKE family time happen, ways that we CULTIVATE good habits, and the key to SUSTAINING these things all as we learn to implement them in our own lives. Join us on Instagram as we share daily life from our 2 bedroom apartment. Follow along as we tackle life’s adversities and celebrate life’s victories all while working to build our dreams. We will share lifestyle videos, workbooks, interviews, and who doesn’t love useful freebies?! Make sure to sign up for our e-mail list to get the latest updates!

Coming summer 2020

Stay kind – Mel

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