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49 Gift ideas for everyone on your list!

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If you remember a couple of posts back I talked about gifting differently. I’ll have you know that despite it being a lot more challenging than mindless shopping, I’m sticking to the plan. I want to clear something up though…

… I’m not anti buying gifts. I just want any gift I’m giving to have some sort of purpose. I did my best to make material purchase suggestions with this in mind!

Here are 49 gift ideas for your entire shopping list!


      Babies & toddlers

  1. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Mickey Mouse Silly Slides Fire Station
  2.  My nephews are bottomless pits!
  3. Tool set to match dad’s  
  4. Periodic table building blocks! 
  5. Let them dip their toes in sports!
  6. Or maybe a little music?
  7. It’s never too early to show them the stars 
  8. Hours of fun playing piano on the floor!! 


  9. Singing Machine Groove Cube Hype 
  10. Huffy Marvel Spider-Man Bike 16″ – Blue
  11. Travel chess set
  12. Adjustable roller blades – From skates to blades
  13. Spongebob water bottle
  14. Make it cool to do yard work!
  15. I’m going to try to believe these won’t end up all over my apartment floors 
  16. For the prankster 


  17. Ci302 Wireless CD Music System – Black – Capello
  18. Two matching bags for $22.50 (Mommy & me)
  19. Just Dance 2020 – Nintendo Switch 
  20. These again! Adjustable rollerblades are perfect for kids of all ages!
  21. Table easel for the artist in your life! 

    Parents & spouses

  22. Instant Pot Duo 6qt 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker 
  23. A game to play with your spouse is also your business partner. Let loose and get your creative juices flowing in a fun way!
  24. Handknit throw blanket 
  25.  Weighted eye pillow 
  26. Harry potter house mini backpacks
  27. Workout clothes! 
  28. Cool harry potter lunchbag
  29. Iron man bottle opener 
  30. Harry potter house hoodies 
  31. Rain boots! 
  32. More rain boot options! 
  33. Winter coat 
  34. Booties for a steal!! 
  35. Cutting board for the meticulous chef 

    Gifts for the family!

  36. Family recipe book
  37. Splurge family recipe book 
  38. Make learning fun! 
  39. Disney cookbooks
  40. Board game for the family
  41. Strength building game 
  42. Let’s go on a picnic 
  43. Practice gratitude as a family 
  44. Maybe not the strongest parenting choice, but can work wonders for creative activities

    Gifts for your friends

  45. Long distance friendship lamp!
  46. For the couple that loves to entertain 
  47. A runners best friend 
  48. Meditation mug 
  49. For game night

Everything on this list is something I would gift my nephews, my own kids, my husband… myself… my parents, and my friends! I’m going to have to practice some real self control in not buying them all!

Coming up:
Disney vacation announcement boxes, Stocking stuffer guide, Gift guide for bloggers

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Stay intentional, friends.

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