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Mel’s Friday Finds: What I’m currently using

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Welcome to the first blog post in our Friday Finds series! Gosh the name just makes me cringe each time, but until we find a better one… Mel’s Friday Finds! Fall and cold weather have finally decided to come out and play here in California, but let’s just say… I wanted to see it to believe it. We’re in November!

… I have a memory of saying this last November. Hmmm.

Anyway! Here are a few things I bought to prepare for colder days around here.

  1. Catch me in this cardigan until next summer.This is such a great find and price!

  2.  My foundation pair
    One of the questions I do get asked a lot is what foundation I wear. I’ve tried a lot of different foundations in my time. Some really expensive ones that worked amazingly, some expensive ones that didn’t work AT ALL, and some inexpensive ones that worked well for the price.  This has been the best foundation duo for quality and price I’ve ever experienced for myself.If you’re wondering why I’m buying this for cold weather… well… ya just don’t get what a California summer looks like around here! Haha… Really though. I need a winter color.Foundation brush:



    Full coverage foundation:

  3. GlovesIf anyone else’s kid’s are like mine and use gloves… until they lose them… H&M has some really cute and inexpensive ones right now!hmgoepprod (1)
    hmgoepprod (2)
  4.  These are for mama! I live in leggings and I know I’m not the only one. These are the perfect pair of seasonal leggings. You know… you have your every day leggings and your special leggings. Get you some special leggings, girl.9fd20dd9-03e1-4e9a-89d5-7bb64ad69233_1.0570120bfa0748f922ccf4252b86480f
  5.  Jeremy thinks I’m obsessed with blankets and he’s not wrong. I didn’t buy this blanket because I “have enough” (I really do… and I love my blanket, but COME ON!) but if I were to buy a blanket (or be gifted a blanket. Here’s lookin’ at you, Jeremy Duso) this would definitely be the one. 91XadTSvzVL._AC_SL1500_

6. Finally, what I love the ABSOLUTE MOST about colder weather is being able to open up my windows, letting fresh air in, and lighting the yummiest smelling candles. Hands down the best part about fall in our home. I love the scents and price of walmart’s candles. I have yet to find a better candle/price combo! These are my favorite scents!

The black cherry scent is sold out online, but it is so worth the quick trip to Walmart! These are the three rotating scents in my home year round! Maybe I should venture out and try something new this year?

Well, I’d say the first post of the ORIGINAL MEL’S FRIDAY FINDS series is done and over with. Could it have been better? Absolutely… but I always say that nothing gets better until you just hit PUBLISH.

Tell next time, babes.


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