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Gift guide: Her first period

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Let me tell ya, the pre-teen years have hit house Duso. I’ve finally gotten down how to mother school aged children and now… I’m in the new world of adolescence. Most days it’s extremely exhausting and anxiety inducing, but I’m working on doing my part to cope with that and be there for her!

One of the things I have really been thinking about doing for her was prepare Lex for her pre-teen/teenage years. I finally put together a basket full of things she may need as she transitions into this new season of life. Oh, the glory years. Looking back I don’t REMEMBER feeling scared and confused, but I also see that I most definitely was. Not having a close relationship with my own mom growing up has always left me afraid that I don’t really know how to be a “girl mom”. I’m SO stoked to be able to be there for my daughter during this time in her life in a way I don’t really feel anyone was there for me during those years. It’s almost therapeutic and healing to take my experience and turn it into an opportunity to do better for her!

“My first period basket”

Earlier this month I finally got it all together! I put together a basket of products that she may need and open up the opportunity for her to ask any questions about what’s in the basket.


Lex loves unboxing things, so this was the perfect way to introduce her to all of this!


Here is a list of the things in the basket!

1. Native deodorant 


I chose to gift her two scents One in a Melon and Loco for Coco. We all know how important finding the right deodorant is. I have a skin sensitivity that has made that hard for me, so I wanted to start her off with a natural, aluminum free deodorant. We’ve already fallen victim to the stenches of adolescence so we were all happy about this addition to her “My First Period Basket”!

Use my code: thebeardlesscoffee20 to save on your order at

2. Kidskin skin care products


My girl has had her fair share of blemishes already. Between school and acrobatic gymnastics, she sweats a lot! Starting her morning and night routine early will set her up with healthy hygiene habits!

3. A couple of different pads

This was by far the most important part for me. When I got my period, I wasn’t educated in any of it. It took me a long time (and many embarrassing moments) to find what worked for me.

I wanted her to open up the different types of pads

I told her to open them up and ask any questions that came to mind. Instead of throwing a ton of information at her, I wanted to met her where she was at. I wanted to answer her questions instead of lecturing her on The Joys of Womanhood” 


4. Tampons

Even if she won’t be using these for a while, it’s important to know what they are and how they work. I try to remember that if she doesn’t hear it from me, eventually, she will hear it from someone else and she may not be given correct information.


5. Comforte Creme

I am definitely not anti medication by any means, but if I can find a way to reduce the amount of chemicals that go into my daughter’s body I definitely will. Comforte is a topical menstrual pain reliever for women and girls of all ages!


6. Reminders about the importance of self care, mental health, and confidence.

I’m all about changing our environment to match our goals and values. I filled her basket with reminders to be confident, carve out time to take care of herself, be resilient, and prioritize her feelings in a healthy way.


7. Babygirl balloon banner. Because you’ll always be my baby girl no matter how old you get!



I’m so excited to share this with other moms, grandmas, aunts, dads – anyone who may find this useful! It went so well for us. She was interactive, excited, and curious in a way that made this topic easier to tackle!

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Till next time!

Mel D





2 thoughts on “Gift guide: Her first period

  1. Ok this is SUCH a great idea !! I wish that I received something like this in middle school. Thank you for sharing this ! pinning for one of my gals that has daughters.


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