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September goals, hopes, and dreams.

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Here we are, four days into September. I’m feeling fired up! So many amazing things happening already and it’s only going to get better!!


While I’m still doing a little damage control from my most recent depression – here’s lookin’ at you Mt. Laundry – I have a clear mind, a happy heart, and I’m full of energy and ambition.

Still trying to figure out whether this is just me or if we should be concerned that this is hypomanic behavior. I don’t think so. I feel more myself than anything lately. Regardless, I want to be careful as I am constantly learning about myself and my mental illness. So I’m thinking of keeping a mood journal. Just to jot down the general feel of the day. Maybe I’ll find a pattern and talk to my doctor about it, but maybe I’ll see that I’m okay… That I don’t have to worry about learning to cope with Bipolar Disorder.

Now that you’re caught up with my inner-monologue these days – Let’s move on the my September goals, hopes, and dreams!


I’ve finally managed to create a work flow that works for me! I’m successfully building a healthy work/life balance and being most present at home. That’s been my focus for a while now, so I’m really happy to be seeing progress in those areas!

One of the wisest men I know has always reminded me, “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” Thanks, Nino.

I’m going to keep it short and simple. This post is for anyone who needs it, including me. Accountability for all!

  1. I recently got accepted to the reward style platform! Also known as,, this is a big driving force of income as a blogger! Needless to say, I’m so excited for it – but also… I’m overwhelmed. I want to focus on devoting time to learn this platform in September. 
  2. On the topic of devotion. This poor blog of mine has not been given the TLC it deserves. I want to post AT LEAST 1 post a week.DSC_0059 - Copy - Copy - Copy
  3. Getting my kids out of the house at least once a week is my biggest goal this month.
    One of the most disappointing mom fails of mine is not prioritizing this sooner. I believe that I do a serious disservice to myself and my readers when I don’t share the things I’m afraid to share. I get better and better each year, but getting out of the house is a big problem of mine.
  4. Move the keyboard out to the living room and practice music with Jeremy. This will be a fun way to spend time together doing something he loves. With the holiday season coming up it will also be something fun to share with the kids.
  5. Start one book – mostly (if we’re being honest) because I want to get rid of ALL of the clutter in my home. I’m thinking it could also be helpful for my business. I can write book reviews and give away each book I can finish. Everyone wins! I’m looking at starting What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty after I finish the horror book The Broken Girls (yes, the same book as last year, but I’m no quitter!)


I just hope that I can go into this fun fall season with stability that I don’t feel I’ve had in the last couple of months. Fall, Halloween, and Christmas are usually so magical for us and I really want to actively enjoy that this year.

I want more of these smiles and memories!


I’m not afraid to say that I don’t yet make enough money as I want to make blogging and, honestly, I know why. I don’t expect to make consistent money when my work and efforts aren’t consistent. I have made great strides in my work as a travel blogger and I’m extremely proud and excited for the content I have planned.

My dream this month is to build a partnership with an airline or Amtrak for my travel blog adventures.

I, before I wrap this up, have to say how much I LOVE Amtrak. I’ve only ever taken one to visit my mom, but they are BY FAR my favorite way to travel in California. I don’t know about you, but the thing I dislike about traveling in a car is that you can’t do anything but… be in the car. Usually, I sleep. Not while I’m driving because that’s crazy, but I’m the worst person to travel with as a passenger. My best friend can confirm that I once slept through the scariest drive of her life. When I ride an Amtrak train the best thing about it is that I can work while I travel! It’s like a transportation service that was literally built for travel bloggers. That being said, they would be a dream to work with as I would love to learn more about them for you all.


Cheers to starting off the month motivated, ambitious, and ready to work! Happy freaking September!

6 thoughts on “September goals, hopes, and dreams.

  1. Depression when you’re a mom is hard. You can’t just lay in bed and binge Netflix or skip breakfast. Those things just aren’t an option when you have kids you have to care for. These are great goals, hopes, and dreams!!


  2. Love your goals. It is very hard as a blogger with smaller children to be able to focus. Just take one week at a time or just schedule time with your mate to take the kids away so you can work.


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