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Disneyland: Preparing for my first blogger business trip!

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   While this is the first of many blogger business trips, a Disneyland business trip is an actual dream come true. I’m a Disney fanatic for life. There was a point where I thought being Disney obsessed was just a phase for me, but it’s been 29 years strong so it’s safe to say I’m a die hard Disney gal.

I know. I know what you’re thinking. A business trip in Disneyland? That’s not a thing. If it is, HOW?!


Here’s how it happened

I took the leap. I mentioned that I was an annual passholder with no plans to go to Disneyland until my anniversary in November and would like to catch a ride with someone who may be going sooner. I met Sarah from @ThatDisneylandFamily through Instagram; This is one of so many things I love about my job as a blogger and a social media influencer. The people I have met through this platform are all of the right type of people I need in my life. “well, we’re going at the end of September for my Birthday. You can totally go!” was her immediate response. Thus was born the Disney Blogger Business Trip of our dreams!

At first, I was just tagging along with her, @Brittanylandetc, and Brittany’s boyfriend. It was a cool trip with an Instagram friend. To be quite honest, I was totally anxious about it. I’ve never just gone on a trip with someone I just met before, but she loves Disney even more than I do so I went with it.

Once the trip was set (and not just an impulsive plan) we really started to connect. We would text about the trip nonchalantly, here and there, but we really built a friendship aside from our Disney plans.


Keep in mind – this is still just another Disney trip for us at this point. We would talk to each other about life with anxiety and depression, trying to build our online brand, and just motivate each other to keep going. Life as a blogger can get really isolating at times. It’s nice when someone really gets what you do as a blogger.

I searched high and low to see if I can find where the idea to make this a business trip was born, but I didn’t find it. Regardless, we soon decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take a Disney trip specifically to create content and take as many pictures as we want without neglecting our families (or hearing our husbands talk about how many picture we want to take. Sorry, dudes.)

This is how we prepared

1. Hotel – Howard Johnson of Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground

One of the many things Sarah and I share is our love for Howard Johnson of Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground. Sarah actually posted an extremely thorough review of the hotel on her own blog: That Disneyland Family.

View More:
Photo credit: We Are the Artist Photography

You can find the review here.

Sarah and I are both part of the HoJo Influencer family. When I say family, I really mean that the relationship is close. In fact, one of my favorite things about the Hotel (and probably the reason why I’ll never stay anywhere else) is their hospitality. Everything about our stays are magical from check in to check out.

All of this to say that our first order of business was booking our room at HoJo Anaheim!

Here are my top 5 favorite things about Hojo Anaheim

  • It’s an 8 minute walk to the parks. This is ideal for every Disney trip. Family trip? Take those cranky kids to the hotel for nap time. Trip for 2? Take that cranky spouse to the hotel for nap time (half joke. also – I’m that cranky spouse.). Business trip? Convenient for 1,000 outfit changes. I mean, you practically get free parking.
  • The water playground (castaway cove) makes our Disney trips even more full and magical! We’ve always liked to take a little break from the heat and the crowds in the afternoon as neither Jeremy or I are fans of either. When the kids are with us, they don’t throw a fit to leave the parks because they know that they’re going back to more fun!
  • The lighting in the restroom – I mean… I’m a blogger. Duh.
  • The retro vibes in the newly renovated buildings! I, honestly, mean it when I say that my stay at HoJo is magical from check in to check out (and even after because we stay connected on Facebook and Instagram) The rooms are so fun that they feel like we are staying in a themed hotel! How much more magical does it get?
  • A great view of the firework show to see even on the nights that we head back early. One of the reasons we love to be annual pass holders is because we don’t feel RUSHED to get on every ride and see every show. We know that we will be back at to see it all. We like to do the Disney parks on our own time when we’re on vacation. Very rarely are we go, go, go when we visit because, well, that’s every day life in the Duso home.

I’ll post a full review when we return, but I’ll be the first to say that for all things Disney, Sarah is your girl. She works so damn hard at creating content for her audience and is so good at what she does! I have to make sure that my people know about my people. *Insert community over competition quote here*

2. Sponsors and partners

As I mentioned, content creation is the focus of this trip. I’m sure we’ll sneak away to write a bit, but we’re focusing on getting as many pictures as we can for Disney, friendship, blogging insight, and so many other topics!

Collectively, our audience is over 43,000 followers for this trip, so it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with companies of all sizes and make new connections!


The beautiful thing about this job is you get to hand pick who you work with. Let’s be honest, not everyone is a good fit to work together. Each of us reached out to shops we wanted to promote. The feedback and support we’ve received from the small shop community is overwhelming! We haven’t even left yet and I’ve already made amazing connections with people like Bethany from Main Street Supply Co. and Cinzia from Magic and Mimosas. I already see a potential friendship in these two! (I may have already threatened them with my friendship.)

I won’t disclose all of our partners and sponsors because I’m still working on content ideas, but I’m just telling you… I’m really challenging myself for this trip!

3. Transportation

Decluttering tip_ stop collecting things and treat your loved ones (& yourself) to adventure instead!

We decided to drive down this trip because obviously we need to kick off our birthday blogger bash with a road trip! We’re splitting gas four ways which cuts down costs for everyone to take a trip for content! Reason 340,983,024 why I love Disney business trips. I’m so stoked to be driving down with Disney music blasting the entire time. I also was just informed that Brittany makes special Disney trip cold brew!

Can you FEEL how excited I am that it’s at the end of this month?!

4. Food

I have partnered with Fire + Ice for our trip as well. I love Disney, so it’s easy to want to be in the parks all day, every day, for every meal. I want to start exploring other places to eat outside the parks. They were kind enough to host our party of four for dinner when we go and I cannot wait to try their food and soak in their ambiance as I’ve heard nothing but great things!

So there you have the basics of how we made this happen. I also would love to give a special thank you to Speck Travel who kindly gifted us Disney Gift Cards for spending money as well as Uber credits for our trip. Our trip got so much more magical thanks to you! Shop their travel collection here.

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