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If your life is anything like mine lately, you’re a bit behind on the back to school prep. It sneaked up on me! I can’t be the only one, right?

Part of the reason why it took so long was because I wanted to do back to school shopping differently this year.

I’ve been so focused on making changes to reduce waste in our home.

  • Remembering to take grocery bags with me
  • Drinking filtered water instead of bottled water – all except Jeremy (tsk, tsk)
  • Not buy paper or plastic cleaning supplies
  • Steel straws

It’s addicting and amazing when you really start to think of all of the ways you can help take care of our planet.

I’m using back to school shop and prep to teach my kids about reducing waste.

I’m breaking free from traditional back to school shopping – spending hundreds of dollars on new clothes, backpacks, shoes, supplies that just get thrown away or added to the clutter in your storage areas.

Let me start the informational part of this article off by saying that you don’t need to buy anything new if last year’s items are in good condition. Sure, splurge on an outfit for the first day of school, but there is no need to buy a new backpack EVERY SINGLE YEAR and for goodness sake, before you buy a new lunch bag – make sure they’re going to use the damn thing. Look at what you have already. Here is a checklist of the things you may not need to waste more money (and space) on.

Check your closet!

Moving on.

Here are 5 companies and sites that we shop at during back to school season. They each support a waste free way of life and are working hard to make big changes for a better world.

  1. Parkland MFG Bags, totes, lunch bags, duffles, and more made out of 100% plastic water bottles!67620954_435646640357431_4031487003898937344_n
  2. Once upon a child One kid’s grown out clothes is another kids gently used treasure! I spent $150 on Monday and you know what I got? 5 pairs of shoes, an entire fall capsule wardrobe for Alexa & Elijah, a small summer capsule wardrobe for Alexa, and workout clothes for gymnastics. Pants, sweaters, dress shirts, cardigans, dresses – $150 is likely going to last me until December.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    What’s best is each time I go in to shop someone else’s closet – I am giving someone the chance to shop mine by selling what my kids have outgrown.
  3. Kidizen
    This is my favorite app for selling gently used kids items. If you shop small and don’t want to lose out on resell value, this is the site. Brands like Wild Rich Kids, Rags to Raches, Remie Girl, Alice and Ames, Wunderkin, and many more are featured on Kidizen every day. Their system also ensures prompt shipping as a priority which is really nice if you’ve ever fallen victim to a sketchy bst seller.67668725_477455029708953_1067893242478985216_n (1)The selling process is also very easy on Kidizen and they take care of making sure you get paid!

    Use my referral link to get $5 off your first purchase.

  4. Wisdom Supply Co
    The site for a ZERO waste school supply kit.Seriously, why are we still buying and throwing away?Wisdom supply co also shares so much useful information on how to live eco-friendly!
  5. This Saves Lives 
    Co founded by amazing people like Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell, and Ravi Patel, this company is one of my favorites. Kindness and generosity are the two things I value most in life and I want to teach my children to have a deep understanding of ways to help those who cannot help themselves.To us it may just be another snack, but to other kids – it’s another day of live saving meals!You can find these bars at the McHenry target and starbucks if you’re in Modesto OR you can buy them online here.


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