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Entryway Apartment Decor

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When you think about your home, what does it look like? Mine? Every way I decorate my imaginary dream home there has ALWAYS been an entry way table! In fact, both apartments I’ve lived in have had entryway tables. I’m kind of obsessed with them no matter how small they are.

We’ve gone through some ups and downs with our entryway situation, but I think we’ve finally settled into a system that works and doesn’t greet us at the door with clutter. It’s nothing too fancy, but I am pretty dang proud of it.

I got the table from a Facebook yard sale site for $10, but I have seen them on walmart’s website!


Our “command center” is set up for efficiency. It’s one way we make the most of our space.

I use command hooks to hang our purses and reusable bags — I’m slowly getting better at not forgetting them when I go shopping this way too.

I use a two tier tray for quick snacks and busy mornings and KIND Snacks makes filling our breakfast/snack bar with a delicious variety of options!

Kind snacks fills our breakfast and snack bar
Healthy, delicious, and convenient. Isn’t that the trifecta of a perfect snack?

I’m pretty obsessed with this notepad for any messages I need to send the kid’s teachers. For most situations I can call or text them, but sometimes I need to attach a not to a question and you all know how much I love stationary. I picked these up a few years ago from an adorable Etsy shop that I’ve linked here for you.


If you’ve ever come to my house, you know how much I like to send you with something when you leave. Like, always. I have a gifting addiction! Last month I framed these inspirational quotes for the girls to take with them and I had some left over. Now they sit in my giving basket – kind of like my version of a treasure chest. The items in here are always up for grabs and I love the entire concept of it!

I can’t wait for the most perfect entry set up in the home of my dreams, but I don’t let that stop me. This little table and I have done some pretty creative and amazing things — this was one of our better ideas. Okay, I think it’s time I leave you — I’m talking about partnering up with furniture.

Stay fierce babes!


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