This post was sponsored by Vie Active and contains some affiliate links. As always, all opinions and statements regarding their active wear are my own.


10 years. It’s been 10 years since I’ve gained weight. Confidence? It’s been an uphill battle to find it. In a world that has constantly told me I need to be a certain size to be beautiful, I’ve struggled to be confident during my weight loss journey.


I’ve avoided mirrors, people, and given up on myself time after time. Even these pictures were hard for me to take which is why I’m not smiling in them. Confidence remains an uphill battle for me… but I’m finally climbing it. 

I have to admit that I was skeptical. Active wear generally does very little for my confidence. It needs to be tight enough for support, but not so tight that I’m spilling out of only the most unflattering places. 

To my pleasant surprise, Vie Active is unlike any other sports wear I’ve worn in my adult life. Vie Active is the highest quality active wear and is specifically designed for performance. This Australian born brand features signature fabrics like my favorite buttery soft Dri-Release and slimming Compression. I found both pieces comfortable and highly functional during my workout. I’m not spilling out, I don’t have a camel toe (come one – we know what tight clothing does to us), and I don’t feel like the only thing I can wear is a T-shirt and leggings.

66741203_2708011985936374_6337908021221392384_n It wasn’t until I received my outfit from Vie Active that I realized what a difference it made in my willingness, drive, and discipline to get moving.

  • I wasn’t embarrassed because I was wearing unflattering clothing for support.
  • I was able to wear a tank top that wasn’t too small or too large.
  • My clothing stayed in place throughout my workout! I didn’t need to adjust, tuck my belly back in.


Although I would consider them a splurge; They’re one of the best splurges in regards to quality and fit. Luckily, they have given me a 20% off link for you to use when trying them out for yourself! I cannot thank Vie Active enough for the opportunity to try their workout clothing! If you’re interested in trying there line, check them out at Vie Active – Coupon!


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