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8 Essential items to pack for a Disney day!

Hey guys!

Over the past years people have recognized my obsession with all things Disney by asking about tips and tricks for a Disneyland vacation. I have gone to the Disney parks multiple times throughout the year for almost a decade and this last trip, was the smoothest by far. (It was also the only trip I planned on my own) So I wanted to share with you all how to pack for your day in the parks (especially with kiddos, but these work for any trip) while these items are fresh in my memory.


Disclaimer: I do use affiliate links in this post. This means that if you purchase an item through my link, I gain a small commission at no additional cost to you.

1. Portable chargers

Between using the Disneyland app for fast passes, taking it out for the photo pass, recording videos, taking pictures, and playing games in line… my phone lasts about half of the day. Taking a portable charger during our last trip was a total, “why did I never think of this before?!” moment for me.

This is the one I used. It charges quickly and kept a charge for the rest of the day. Portable chargers are small gadgets that make a HUGE difference.

2. Snacks

Kind snacks and Jolly Ranchers worked WONDERS for us. The KIND breakfast bars  are perfect for a quick grab and go to make it in time to get all the necessary fast passes (here’s lookin’ at you Radiator Springs and Soarin’).

The Jollys are a great little treat – they’re not awful in calories and they’ll kick your sweet tooth right to the curb until your next treat splurge in the parks (mmm churros)!

3. Water

You do get free water in the parks, but it doesn’t hurt to take an extra bottle or two. The biggest bloat factor for me in the Disney parks is not enough water. Who wants to wait in line for it? Grab a free water when you’re already in line and drink your own any other time you remember to take a sip.


4. Line and car games

Obviously, you can’t pack up monopoly for a long line or a road trip but here are some options for family bonding during any down time! They work great now that both kids can read.

5. Max Pass

It is well worth it for so many reasons. The biggest reason being that we waited in MAYBE 3 lines during our trip and I’m pretty sure it’s because the ride either didn’t have a fast pass or the fast passes were sold out for the day. If you’re going with kids, I would definitely look at the max pass as an investment to keep their energy up and positive.

PLUS, any digital version of ride pictures you may want are included as well as pictures from any photopass cast member (They’re everywhere waiting to capture magical moments) This perk is gold for me. How else could I capture this memory of Eli’s first time of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout?


6. Fanny packs (even for the kids)

I love having free hands to enjoy the parks like a kid, so I wear that fanny with pride! Disney has a ton of cute ones, but you can find them on Amazon as well like this one.

Having Lex wear her own fanny pack where she could carry her snacks and pen for autographs was so helpful. As soon as Eli thickens up a bit, he’ll be wearing his own fanny pack too!

7. Extra socks

So your husband can’t turn splash mountain down! Seriously though, you can never go wrong with extra socks.

8. Sunscreen

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this one! You’re in the sun all day long… protect yours and your family’s skin.

And don’t forget to reapply every 2-4 hours!

Along with cash and sunglasses, these are the must have items for an ideal Disney trip in my experience! If you find this useful, please share and save this post for your next Disney trip! Did I miss something or can you think of something else? Let me know in the comments!

Take care,

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