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On the Topic of Love.

Tomorrow is a big day that will fill your social media feeds with flowers, the popping of champagne (and questions), and public displays of affection. Don’t worry, I’m not bashing Valentine’s day. In fact… I’m here for all of it! I’m a freakin’ newlywed for crying out loud.

I’m coming to you today with a challenge. Whoever else you express your love for today I want you to do something. Humor me. I want you to spend the day celebrating the love you have for yourself.

View More: http://wearetheartistphotography.pass.us/melinda--the-beardless-coffee

I think self love and self care is often thought to be a trip to the nail salon, shopping sprees, and bubble baths. Don’t get me wrong… I love literally ALL of those things, BUT  self love is so much more than any of that. Being able to say the words “I love myself” seems so hard for us to do. It’s so easy to think of our spouses, our children, our friends, and our families when we think about who is important to us. We think our “why” has to be someone else because we’re selfish or self centered if we put our needs, wants, and dreams above anyone else. I’m here to help you move passed that foolish thought.

It’s important to recognize yourself — everything you do for others, the goals you’re working hard towards, the heart you have. (Metaphorically speaking — no need to make a doctors appointment, but also… have you gotten your check up lately? Ok… moving on.) It took a long time for me to notice what I was proud of about myself. I stopped apologizing for being fierce and believing in myself regardless of whether or not a few people in my life felt I should be proud of. I’m proud of being passionate even when it can be “too much” for someone. I’m proud of making friends wherever I go even if someone makes a comment of “I would rather have a few ‘real’ friends than make friends everywhere” and I’m proud of my body. Even as I typed out that last one I had the thought — “Am I though?” I’m not saying I don’t want to work on my health, but I am proud of my curves. I’m proud of how short I am. I am learning to love the shit out of myself and I’m not the least bit sorry if it doesn’t fit into your box of beautiful.



For the longest time, beginning shortly after I became a mother, I felt like my purpose was to live for the people I love. The thing I never seemed to understand is that… I’m one of the people I love and I am the BEST and most EMPOWERING version of myself when I’m practicing self love.

I want you to do something for me. NO… I want you to do something for yourself. I want to see or hear or read something you love about yourself. Throw out the insecurities about your imperfections because honey, we all have them. I’m starting a movement and I want you all to join me. Post a selfie, share a victory, and celebrate the most important person in your life… you already know I’m going to say “that’s you” right? I guess that was pretty predictable.

View More: http://wearetheartistphotography.pass.us/melinda--the-beardless-coffee

Stay fierce babes and happy Valentine’s day!


The photos in this picture are compliments of my dear friend and colleague, Jovana Padilla: Founder and CEO at We Are the Artist Photography Thank you for always believing in me and inspiring me to follow my dreams and be a good freaking person.



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