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I took a social media break during the holidays for a couple of reasons. I needed to get a good hold on my mental health, I wanted to enjoy time with my family while they were all on THEIR breaks from school and work, and I wanted to focus on the quality of content I produce for my followers.

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work during my break. I noticed that I got the most work done when I was listening to music that fueled me. So I decided to take some extra time to be on the constant lookout for new (and old) music to put on different playlists for my followers. This is something I’ve always loved to do when CDs were a thing. You know… a million years ago. Luckily, I can just link my Spotify playlist for you to follow so be on the lookout for new playlists around here!

I have playlists for everything. My morning playlist is one of my favorites. I listen to it every single morning and it just gets me going. It starts off slow and mellow, but by the end of the playlist we’re up and we’re freakin’ dancing!

Morning coffee playlist

Morning coffee playlist

  1. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg
    For those who don’t know, this is our wedding song. Coffee is our thing. It’s who we are and there is absolutely nothing like having morning coffee with the love of my life. Aside from our obvious coffee addiction, the song reminds me so much of our love. As cheesy as it is, I would describe falling in love with Jeremy as unexpected, simple, and breathtaking. This was an obvious choice when I thought of a song I wanted to wake up to every day.
  2. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
    I’m a total Grey’s Anatomy junkie. This song just gives me the feel goods thinking of how much Meredith Grey overcomes. As a person that relates with a heartbreaking amount of loss and pain, it reminds me (while I’m well aware that it’s just a show) of everything I’ve overcome and that I am capable of so much more than I believe sometimes.
    Total music nerd. I’m tellin’ you.
  3. Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls
    This will always be a feel good for me. This is another one that reminds me of how much I love my guy! I literally can picture Jeremy and I sitting in his car (when we were first dating) as he was about to take me home from the mall. We heard this song, felt it, and both decided we needed an excuse to hang out longer. DINNER! It’s such a cool memory… loving to be with someone so much you find excuses to not go home.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    What else am I supposed to warm up my vocal chords to?!?!
  5. Tequila – Dan + Shay
    This is a new song for me and I’m glad my sister introduced me to it because I’m not up to date with country music. Still trying to convince my friends to make tequila our “drink”. The idea of a drink, a scent, or a song taking me back to happy memories… I’m into it.
  6. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys
    Okay, I’m starting to feel the coffee. I’m starting to wake up, so it’s time to dance a little. Also… Backstreet Boys.
  7. Somebody To Love – Queen
    Freddie Mercury kills me. The song (and his voice) just makes me feel uplifted and awake! This is a song I can never ever get tired of hearing or singing.
  8. She Loves Control – Camila Cabello
    This is the perfect transition song from slow to stimulating (for me). It isn’t overwhelmingly fast paced, but it also gets me moving and getting into a “bossy” mentality. I’m actually listening to it right now and that’s exactly how I’m feeling. Haha.
  9. Playinwitme – KYLE feat. Kehlani
    I’m probably putting my make up by now and this song is the ultimate bob along song. Ladies, you know.
  10. No excuses – Meghan Trainor
    Is it possible to have a mood booster playlist without Meghan?! Not for me.
  11. One Kiss – Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa
    This one is here as a pure confidence booster. Self worth and body image is a huge struggle for me. I added this song because it makes me feel sexy, it reminds me that I am sexy and it sets a tone that isn’t self hating in the mornings.
  12. I’m a mess – Beba Rexha
    Why am I here? Why are we all here? This isn’t a philosophical question; We are here because I am a mental health blogger. My website runs to remind everyone that things will be okay even though some days (or weeks or years) look like a complete train wreck. Everything’s gonna be okay… that’s what my therapists say. (As funny as I think those particular lyrics are, I love the message. Lol)
  13. Taki Taki – Dj Snake
    I’m a sucker for a reggaeton beat when it comes to dancing. Considering I usually work out after I get ready, I like to get moving once I feel like I’m ready for my day.
  14. I like It – Cardi B
    The finale. At the end of the day, I am just a good mom with a hood playlist. At the moment, this is my “boss bitch” (there is NO substitute for that term. Agreed?) song. It’s the fiercest way to walk out of my bedroom to start my day.
    You’re welcome for that cool visual.I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I do! You can follow it on Spotify here.Stay fierce,

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