How I set my New Year goals!


I always say that there is NOTHING magical about January 1st.
This is something I truly believe. There is never a perfect day to set goals. Regardless, the new year always inspires new goals… and if you know anything about me it’s that I love me a good goal.

Setting long term goals is a 14 month long process for me. November and December are busy months as I am doing monthly planning as well as my prep work for my new year action plans. Although there is nothing special about January 1st, a new year tradition for many of us is to reevaluate the previous year’s goals and either improve, adjust, or change them completely.

Organization is a total coping method for my anxiety. November started with me breaking in my newest edition of my intentional goals planner: Cultivate what matters 2019 Powersheets. For the second year, I took a deep breath and dove into reflecting and evaluating my goals from 2018 to kick start my 2019 goal plan.

The reflection portion of my goal setting process is a particularly large task for me because it forces me to reflect on my progress of an ENTIRE year. This is a big reason I break up the prep work throughout November and December. The abandonment issues of my childhood created a loud voice that sometimes tells me that I am not good enough. So, when I reflect on my process in a critical way, it’s twice as hard for me to not feel like.

   I’m not a good enough mom
           I’m not a good enough wife
           I’m not important to some of my friends
           I’m not good enough for some of my friends
           I don’t fit in with my family
           I’m not disciplined enough to lose weight and I never will be
           I’m not driven enough to be a reliable leader.


These are all things I know to be untrue.

I manage my mental illness by avoiding most of my triggers. I don’t engage in aggressive conversation or confrontation when I can avoid it and I avoid chaotic people and situations that I feel are unhealthy for my mental health. Even though it’s triggering to my issues of self worth, I don’t see how I can move forward with my goals without critically thinking about how much effort I’m giving them.

Some of my favorite pages in the Powersheets prep work are

Page 9: Getting to know me
Reminding myself of who I really am.

Page 10: Break your identity box
forced me to really think about my fears

Pages 12 & 13: Cultivated life evaluation
Helps me compartmentalize each focus area of my life. I get to see what part of my life I would like to see the most improvement in.

Page 31: What matters most to me
I get to make a mission statement. This is like, the thesis statement of my year… or life!

Page 38: Simplify
I like getting to break my big goals down into ways that I can actually make it happen in real life time. What can I intentionally do today, this week, and this month to focus on growth.

Page 42: Action plan worksheets
Easily my favorite page in the prep work. I love how Lara Casey (Creator of Powersheets) breaks it down to help you carve out specific, intentional goals.

Page #64 My 2019 Goals
A clear vision of what my goals are after having worked on them for a solid two months.
Here they are!

#1 Master a healthy balance between living with my own intentions and being there for the people I love

#2 Cultivate family and teach my children to do the same

#3 Create a distraction free home and model a growth mindset for my kids

#4 Spend less, make more, and focus on our financial future. 

I will be going live in my exclusive Facebook group January 7th @ 6:00 pm PST to walk you through my goal planning process. For the time and price of a movie, you can hang out with me (& a glass of wine, duh) and we can party! Planner style.

$10 admission
Monday, January 7th 2019
6:00 pm PST
All payments made through PayPal

I hope you all have a SAFE and HAPPY New Year!
Signing off… Mel.

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