_Empowering for a living_



My name is Melinda Duso. That last bit is a recent change as I just got married November 2018. I am The Beardless Coffee and I’m a creative through and through. I love to write, craft, entertain, bake… I just love creating things! I also love creating change by sharing my own story. It’s such a win/win for me. I help others and that fulfills me AND I gain constant insight to other perspectives and experiences.

I’ve always wanted to create a space for people to connect, a place where people feel brave enough to be vulnerable when they need to be, and a place to learn about yourself as you’re learning from others. It’s the most empowering thing!

I’ll keep this nice and short. I want to dedicate my site (and my time) to be a constant reassurance that you are not alone. There’s nothing like talking to or connecting with someone you know understands depression since it’s something that is hard to explain and probably harder to understand for some people. By sharing bits and pieces of my personal lifestyle, mental health research, and some of my not so glorious times while living with anxiety and depression, I hope that you find yourself in a place where you are understood and appreciated.

Grab a cup of coffee & let’s vibe.